Toll Free Number Tricks: Vanity Overdial

I recently went over how to use vanity toll free numbers to help build your brand. In that post, I mentioned one of the trickiest parts of wielding a vanity number is finding it in the first place. The pool of available toll free numbers on the national database is limited, and many businesses before you have had a chance to comb through looking for their prized pick.

But all is not lost. Today I’ll cover one of the lesser-explored ways around available number limitations: the vanity overdial. Businesses such as 1800MATTRESS (1-800-MAT-TRES[S]) and 1800 CONTACTS (1-800-CON-TACT[S]) have been using vanity number overdial for years with great success. By stretching your vanity toll free number one or two letters over the edge, you can get your hands on coveted, high-value vanity spellings that are otherwise unavailable.

Three’s a Crowd

Overdial toll free numbers have been around long enough that the vast majority of callers understand. They know that even though you’re advertising a vanity phone number with an extra digit or two, they still only dial the normal number of digits. Still, it’s important not to go overboard with overdial.

While you want to get a great toll free number, if you stretch your vanity spelling too far past the end of the actual number, you run the risk of having callers dial into your auto attendant and jump forward to extensions as they keep dialing your overdial digits. As a general rule, a one-digit overdial is usually safe, a two-digit overdial is a slight risk, and a three-digit overdial is too much.

Searching for Overdials

Finding and ordering vanity overdial numbers is easy. You can use the same vanity search tool we provide to search for regular vanity toll free numbers. When you’re doing your search, however, clip your vanity spelling one or two letters short and move the remaining phrase to the end.

For example, if you’re a realtor looking to find a vanity number ending in “HOME” or “HOMES”, you simply won’t find any available on the national database of toll free numbers. But with a little overdial finesse, you can change your search from, “8**-***-HOME” to “8**-***-*HOM” and get a lot of results. At the time of this writing, numbers like “888-414-1HOM” are available, which can easily be advertised as “888-41-41-HOME” or “888-41-41-HOMES”. Now that’s a great vanity number for anyone breaking into the real estate industry.

So what are you waiting for? Start searching!