Using Call Forwarding Numbers to Mask Private Numbers

While we often emphasize the power and importance of a virtual phone system for your business, many entrepreneurs instead use a call forwarding number simply to mask their private number.

By setting up your toll free number to skip your auto attendant greeting and immediately forward calls to your cell phone, you’re effectively adding another line to your mobile service. This line you can exclusively advertise to your business contacts, and gain several immediate benefits to both your work and home life…

1. Look More Professional

While there is a more personal element to advertising your cell phone number on things like business cards, doing so immediately betrays that you’re a small business or one-man-shop. If this isn’t the appeal you’re going for, using a toll free number to mask your cell phone number helps you appear more established and gives your business contacts greater confidence.

2. Screen Business Calls with Call Announcements

Call forwarding through your FreedomVoice toll free number includes the option to create a call announcement – a brief pre-recorded message you create that lets you know the incoming call is a business call when you answer. This way, when you answer your cell phone, you’ll know immediately whether it’s a business call or not and can greet the caller appropriately. You can also have the caller prompted to speak their name and have this played back to you before you decide whether you want to take the call or redirect it to voicemail instead.

3. Stop Calls Outside “Business Hours”

Even the busiest of entrepreneurs needs to disconnect every once in a while and keep their home life separate from their work life. With a toll free number and immediate call forwarding, you can simply temporarily disable your call forwarding number and have all of your business calls instead go to your voicemail. Your personal contacts still call your cell phone number directly, so you’re only shutting off your business line.

If you really can’t stand to be out of contact in case of a critical call, you can still enable text messaging call alerts and even transcribe voicemails, so you can quickly scan any voicemail messages callers are leaving and return any calls you absolutely have to.

Get Your Call Forwarding Number Today!

Hand-pick your own toll free number. That’s a small price to pay for your privacy and some peace of mind. You can also upgrade to an 800 number or vanity number for a low one-time cost. Remember – immediate call forwarding is just one way to use your toll free number. As your business grows and you find you need features like an auto-attendant, they’ll be available to you at no extra charge.


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