Toll Free Number Tricks: Question & Answer Voicemail

With a toll free number and virtual phone system from Global Call Forwarding, your voicemail service goes well beyond just taking messages on missed calls.

One of Global Call Forwarding’s most popular voicemail features is the ability to set up automated question and answer voicemail boxes. These voicemail boxes prompt callers with a series of your pre-recorded questions, then string their answers together into a single voicemail message. For example, if your automated questionnaire involves five quick “Yes or No” questions, you might get a message in this voicemail box of, “Yes – No – Yes – Yes – No.”

Here are a couple great ways you can use question and answer voicemail boxes with your business…

1. Conducting Call-In Surveys

If callers are dialing your toll free number for the express purpose of taking a survey, question and answer voicemail makes automating these surveys a snap. Simply present any surveys you’re conducting as a extension options from your auto attendant recording. When callers choose their survey extension, they will hear your pre-recorded series of questions and be given a chance to respond to each. When they’re finished, you get a single voicemail message that has all of their survey responses, in order, left in the voicemail box corresponding to the survey they chose.

2. Customer Service Follow-Up

Another very popular form of survey-taking is asking callers to respond to questions at the conclusion of speaking to a customer service or technical support representative. With your question and answer voicemail service, a representative can ask the caller if they wouldn’t mind taking a brief follow-up survey. If they agree, the representative can simply transfer the caller to the survey extension, where the follow-up questions will begin automatically and record the caller’s responses.

3. Automated Order Taking

Using question and answer voicemail to automate taking orders over the phone can be a great time-saver and a real convenience for your returning customers. Since they can reach your virtual phone system 24/7, your customers can get their orders in when it’s convenient for them – even if that’s outside your business hours. Callers simply identify their account information (e.g. first and last name, and a password for security purposes), and what they would like to order with the billing information they already have on file with you. You get a single voicemail message that contains all the information you need to look up their account, verify their identity, and provision their order.


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